After a disappointing harvest in 2023, we have decided not to sell seeds for the 2023/24 season. We haven't given up! We will attempt another seed crop in 2024. Thank you for understanding.
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How Kingdom Direct Began

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How it all began

Before 2020, you could find our bakery items and fresh cut flowers from Ardelia Farm at the Burlington Farmers' Market every Saturday. 
Now, of course, times have changed, but our commitment to serving delicious food made with quality ingredients hasn't. Thomas quickly pivoted from a world of scones and in-person dinner parties to create a new method of keeping Vermonters well-fed: Kingdom Direct.

Chef Thomas McCurdy

What makes Kingdom Direct different

We use only the highest quality ingredients. In our bakery we use organic VT flour, organic oats, organic and fairly-traded sugar, chocolates, and coconut. We only cook with meat that has been raised outdoors on pasture either on our own farm or those of our neighbors whom we know and trust, such as chicken from Hillside Farm & beef and pork from Ardelia Farm and Snug Valley Farm

Every week, Thomas and his team craft elegant menu options to include weekly dinner parties for two or more, ready-made lunch options like fresh salads and soups, and the exquisite baked goods for which Ardelia Farm is known.

Not only will you find ready-to-eat-or-reheat meals in our store, you also can shop for all your grocery and pantry essentials: pasture-raised meats, seasonal veggies, local cheese for all palates, eggs, nut butter, yogurt, gorgeous flowers during the spring and summer months, and more.

Selected Press

 Christian Science Monitor   -   VPR   -   7 Days   


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