Our seed store has closed for the season. Thank you so much for your orders and best of luck for an exceptional blooming season!
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COVID-19: Safety & Sanitation Protocol

You have our word. 

Your safety is our first priority. We have taken every precaution to enhance food delivery safety. We strictly adhere with food safety guidelines outlined by the CDC, the FDA, and the Vermont Department of Agriculture, Food & Markets.

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In the kitchen...

  • All prepared foods are produced in our licensed commercial kitchen space. Our kitchen space is not shared with anyone or open to the public.
  • All of our deliveries are left outside, then each item is sanitized before it enters our kitchen.
  • Single-use gloves are used through every step of the process, and changed between each task. All handles, knobs, surfaces are sanitized regularly throughout the day. 
  • Thomas, Ally, Liz and the whole crew are taking this very seriously, responsibly practicing social distancing and taking every step to remain in good health. Everyone is feeling healthy and fabulous.

During delivery...

  • Delivery drivers are wearing masks whenever they are on your property, and when they have a chance of encountering anyone at all.
  • All deliveries are contactless, presented to you at a distance.
  • We also have a system in place for pickup, if you're so inclined. 

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