Magnificent Maroon


Magnificent Maroon


Excellent for cutting due to its long stems and large flowers. It’s a shade lighter than our beloved ‘Windsor’ and can produce up to 5 flowers per stem.

10 seeds per packet. 

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While we do breed sweet peas and raise some of our own seed, the seeds we are offering for sale come from the top producers in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Over time, as we become confident in quality consistency, we will also offer our own seed for sale. All of our seed are "Spencer" sweet peas, which are known for their long stems, large ruffled flowers, and excellent cutting quality. Many of these seeds come directly from Roger Parsons, the curator of the national collection of sweet peas for the UK. Spencers are long-day plants and require at least 12 hours of light to flower. These are meant for spring and summer production in most of the country.

We pack our seed into watertight and airtight foil-lined packages. While they are packed for 2019 use, in reality they will remain viable for years in your refrigerator, or decades in your freezer. After you open the packet, if you have leftover seed, simply use an iron, or something hot to re-seal the open edge. Humidity and oxygen are the enemies of seed longevity. 

At the time of ordering sowing tips and cultural recommendations will be emailed to you.

Shipping is via United States Postal Service first class mail, and is $3.50 per order.

Feel free to join our group on Facebook simply called "Sweet Pea Growers," where growers of all levels freely exchange cultural information. 

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