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'Autumn Glow' Tricyrtis Plant
'Autumn Glow' Tricyrtis Plant



"Toad lilies" are shade garden necessities. In contrast to most woodland plants that try to flower first thing in spring before deciduous trees shade them out, Tricyrtis waits until late summer to show off its intricate spotted flowers. Here in our cool climate we can grow them in full sun with enough moisture but most gardeners will prefer to plant them in rich soil in the shade garden. Once established they will tolerate some drying out, but prefer even moisture on well drained soil. Plant them where they can be appreciated at close range as the flowers are just fascinating. 'Autumn Glow' actually glows all summer long with its clean yellow variegation.  

Height: 24.0-26.0 Inches

Spread: 24.0-36.0 Inches

Hardiness Zones: (4)5,6,7,8,9

Flower Color: White Shades, Purple-red shades, Purple-blue shades

Foliage Color: Variegated

SunlightPart Shade (4-6 hrs. Direct Sun), Full Shade (< 4 hrs. Direct Sun)

Water Requirements: Average Water Needs, Consistent Water Needs

Soil Quality: Average Soil Quality, Fertile Soil Quality

Soil Chemistry: Acidic Soil (pH < 7.0), Neutral Soil (pH = 7.0)

BloomtimeMidsummer, Late Summer, Early Fall

Grown in 2 quart band pot 

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens