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Spring Sunshine Cream

Spring Sunshine Cream


Early Multiflora

The Sunshine commercial cutting series is one of the best for long stems with lots of flowers. Compared to Spencers they can produce 5-6 or more flowers per stem.  These are also good varieties for growers in the South who need to get their flowering started early before summer heat arrives. Performs equally well in summer in cool climates. 

Cream is, ummm, cream colored. It is a bit less ruffly than say, Jilly, but has a longer stem and more flowers which more than makes up for it! (photo is of a similar Spencer variety to show color. Expect 5-6 flowers per stem from Sunshine Cream)

Considered a "spring" variety, meaning it needs 11 or more hours of day light to flower. 

10 seeds per packet.

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