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Tom Kha Soup

Tom Kha Soup


Sold by the quart.

We received so many messages from folks who ordered our recent Thai dinner asking to make this soup a recurring menu item, and we listened.

This is a rich, creamy, heavily (and heavenly!) spiced Thai soup of coconut milk and vegetable broth flavored with lemongrass, fresh ginger, onion, chile, and red curry paste, along with mushrooms, peppers, and scallions. 

This quart container will arrive frozen and will last in your freezer for 3+ months. (It separates when it's chilled, so don't be alarmed by how funky it looks in its container. It comes together beautifully when reheated). To thaw, just stick it in the fridge overnight, then warm it up on the stove. I suggest serving with a squirt of fresh lime and a sprinkle of cilantro, if you have it. If not, no biggie.

(allergens: coconut, fish (fish sauce))