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Safari Adventure Eucomis Plant
African Night Eucomis Plant
Safari Adventure Eucomis Plant
African Night Eucomis Plant



Want a hint of the tropics that will overwinter all the way to zone 6? Look no further. These Pineapple lilies or Eucomis are plenty rugged. They will be one of the last to emerge in spring, so don't worry if they aren't peeking up with your daffodils. The scrappy foliage is attractive enough on its own, but the real show starts when the flowers come out in late summer. 

In the north they can be grown in pots and protected for winter. The flowers will last for weeks once cut, and even longer on the plant. Asexual Propagation Prohibited. 

Height: 2.5-3.0 Feet

Spread: 3.5-4.0 Feet

Hardiness Zones: 6,7,8,9

Flower Color: Pink shades / Multicolored

Foliage Color: Green shades, Near-black shades

SunlightFull Sun (> 6 hrs. Direct Sun), Part Shade (4-6 hrs. Direct Sun)

Water Requirements: Average Water Needs

Soil Quality: Average Soil Quality, Fertile Soil Quality

Soil Chemistry: Neutral Soil (pH = 7.0)

BloomtimeLate Summer, Early Fall


Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens