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What age and size Perennial Plants will I receive?

Your perennial plants are 12-24 months of age on arrival. This depends on the species and their growth rate as to when they are big enough to ship. They have all gone through their winter dormancy, which will allow them to flower normally in your garden this summer in most cases. Some slower growing perennials may not flower until their second season in your garden. Depending on the size and needs of the plant they are either grown in 1.25 liter pots, or 1 gallon pots. Many of these plants will just be coming out of dormancy when you receive them. If they are not fully rooted into their pots, or aren’t fully leafed out, this is normal and to be expected. It doesn’t mean you’ve been sent an immature plant, just that your plant is still waking up for the season. These are large divisions of perennials not meant to be held in their pots longer than necessary. It is best for them to establish in your garden, not in a pot in our greenhouse.

What age and size Sweet Pea Plants will I receive?

Sweet Pea plants are grown slow and cold in our greenhouse here in Vermont. They are grown in 5" tall x 2 3/8" pot allowing for a bulky and deep root system. Plant them as soon as soil can be worked, often around the time you see daffodils emerging. They are content with heavy frost at this stage, and will really tolerate 20 degrees. If you are expecting colder weather and your plants have just arrived, store them bright and cold, 35-45 is perfect, until you can plant.