Week of October 16: Rabbit Pie

Week of October 16: Rabbit Pie
On Oct. 16, Kingdom Direct invites you to start your evening with rabbit & bacon pie, 
made with rabbit from Vermont Rabbitry in Glover.

Shopping opens for this dinner party 10/16 @ 12PM

This pie is made with crispy bacon and fresh vegetables neatly tucked in a lovely buttery crust, 
and accompanied by traditional mushy peas and spiced braised cabbage with apples. 

Polish it off with sticky toffee pudding, a scrumptious date cake bathed in a robust brandied caramel sauce. 


Purchase this meal from Kingdom Direct, and pair it with pantry essentials, lunch and deli items to keep your menu this week full of flavor and variety. Shopping not yet open? Sign up to be notified when you can place your order!

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