The Voice (And Team!) Behind Kingdom Direct

The Voice (And Team!) Behind Kingdom Direct

Oh hi there!

In case we don’t know one another, I’m Thomas McCurdy, and I’m the voice behind Kingdom Direct.
A few little facts: I grew up in North Dakota, I once played the tuba in Carnegie Hall, I dropped out of graduate school to attend culinary school while living in Philly, and I really love Jennifer Hudson.

From Ardelia Farm to KD

We launched Kingdom Direct Food Delivery in April 2020 in response to COVID-19, thinking that it would just be a quick temporary “pivot” for our bakery business before things went back to “normal."



Well here we are, twenty-two weeks later and going strong! None of it would be possible without the dream team of talented women with whom I work.

Ally and Liz are with me in the kitchen. Ally produces every bakery item that we send out, including the cookies, bars, granola, and pots de créme.



Liz makes most of the savory menu items that aren’t the weekly dinner party (though she helps me with that too!). Fans of our peanut noodles have Liz to thank.


Karen is our Burlington-area delivery driver; we pack every order together (she catches all my mistakes) before she heads out to safely and efficiently deliver to your door, always with a smile behind that mask.


And Emily is our accounts manager, handling so many logistics, answering emails, organizing orders and delivery routes, and keeping all of the gears turning.



I’m so very grateful to this team for their hard work and positivity. And to all of our customers for giving us the opportunity to cook good food for you week after week. Thank you!

Shop Kingdom Direct, and find pantry essentials, lunch and deli items to keep your menu this week full of flavor and variety. Shopping not yet open? Sign up to be notified when you can place your order!

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