52 Dinners - Week 50: Pork Wellington & A More Exciting Cheesecake

52 Dinners

We had the loveliest Sunday luncheon today with Justin and Andrew.
Andrew is a jolly postman with the Postal Service, and he’s been working very long days lately being Santa for his community. So instead of asking them to make the hour drive up to us on his one day off, I packed up a meal and brought it down to them!
Their farm is Borroughs Farm, where they raise pigs, poultry, and veggies, and Justin creates extraordinary handwoven textiles in their 1810 farmhouse.
Entering their home is like stepping back in time. There is history in every corner, and it feels like a still life. When we arrived, Justin was finishing up a weaving-themed wreath for their front door. 
There are currently five looms in the house (not including those that aren’t currently assembled) and one is currently mounted with this 1860s Jacquard head originally from Scotland, which is used to weave very fancy coverlets. 
He gave us a demonstration and explained in great detail how it all works.
But we still cannot wrap our heads around the mechanics of it all. So impressive.
With handmade napkins, candles, and tablecloth from their farm, we started with a simple salad of zippy dressed greens, a mild blue cheese, and salty roasted beets.
And then I served a pork Wellington! It was my first every Welly, I had a mild case of soggy bottom. But overall I was very pleased. It was accompanied by buttery mashed sweet potatoes and mustardy sauteed cabbage.
For dessert I made a cheesecake. I very rarely make cheesecake because it doesn’t excite me. But I felt compelled. I ground up some of my chocolate pistachio shortbreads with cardamom and sea salt for the crust, then used Nigella Lawson‘s London Cheesecake recipe for the filling. Hands-down the best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten
I’m excited to return to their home in a couple weeks for their annual Twelfth Night party, where we’ll eat duck, drunk Charles Dickens punch, and nervously watch as Justin lights the real candles on the Christmas Tree.
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