52 Dinners - Week 45: Rarebit Bites & Bacon Fat Sauce

52 Dinners

Last weekend I was invited to put on a dinner for the folks at Tata Harper Skincare at their farm over in Whiting, VT.

The event was in partnership with Farmhouse Pottery who set the table with their gorgeous handmade dinnerware, along with Vermont Farmtable who provided the table. Silo Distillery supplied spirits, and we enjoyed the sexy Iapetus wines. 
 Ardelia Farm created this centerpiece using lilies and dogwood from our farm, winterberry holly from the side of the highway, plus sumac, asparagus fronds, and hydrangea foraged at the venue.
We started with bite-sized rarebit made with an assortment of VT cheeses on Slowfire Bakery bread, topped with a spiced pear and cranberry chutney, along with Belgian endive filled with honeynut squash, bacon, candied pecans, and farmer’s cheese.

I served leek and chestnut soup garnished with roasted sweet potato, sage, and Butterworks Farm cream, followed by a salad of spicy greens, pickled beets from our garden, fresh figs, pomegranate, chevre, hazelnut, and venison tenderloin.
Then it was Hillside Farm chicken with a buttery bacon fat pan sauce, brussels sprouts, and buttercup squash. Dessert was fresh ginger ice cream with anise poached pears, speculoos, bourbon caramel, and bitter cocoa nib brittle. We finished things off by sipping Vermaro, the yet-to-be-released amaro by SILO Distillery. It’s luxurious and perfect.

Big thanks to Derek for organizing the event, to Alexandra for capturing all the beauty of the evening and to Liz Bernier for being my server/assistant/personal bartender. That was fun.
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