52 Dinners - Week 42: My Sister, Her Moon, and A Perfect Wedding Reception

52 Dinners

We hosted my sister Lindsay’s wedding here on the farm last weekend.
The weather was gorgeous, the foliage was at peak autumnal grandeur, the bride (& groom) looked beautiful, and everything was perfect. Lindsay and her husband Moon came to visit us around this time last year, and we hosted a big grilled pizza party for a bunch of friends.
They enjoyed it so much that they asked if we could recreate it for their wedding weekend! So we invited all of their guests to come to the farm the evening before the wedding and we fired up the grills.
Grilled pizza is fun, delicious, social, and economical, and it’s an easy way to feed a crowd. I made the dough a day ahead and let it rise in the fridge overnight. Then it was just a matter of portioning, rolling out, and par-grilling the crust with some olive oil over hot coals.
I then added some tasty toppings, and then threw them back on the hot grill and closed the lid for a few minutes until everything was crispy and bubbling. We had a big cutting board in the party barn that was refreshed with hot pizza every few minutes. I served it with just a big kale Caesar salad and an assortment of cookies and bars.

Congratulations Lindsay and Moon!

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