52 Dinners - Week 39: A 50th Anniversary, Family-Style

52 Dinners

Well, I’m a caterer now.
Last night we hosted a 50th wedding anniversary dinner for Bailey’s high school English teacher Dan and his wife Mary. 64 people attended from all over the country.
And while it would be inaccurate for me to say, “Everything was perfect!”, it was pretty damn close.
Over the past fourteen years I’ve been a cater waiter for countless events, done event design, created and served numerous wedding cakes and desserts, and assisted many chefs both with prep and with cranking out food on the line, but this was my first time being the HBIC for this kind of gig.
So many details, lists, timelines. And I’m really good at it.
I owe a debt of gratitude to Chef Liz for being my right (and left) hand woman throughout the day, to Hilary from Morey Hill, Marina, Lou, and Bailey  for their stellar service, and to our farm crew for ensuring that the farm looked its best.
We started with a big beautiful “grazing station” with an assortment of sweet cheeses, charcuterie, fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, mustards, pickles, olives, bread and crackers, and really anything else I could throw on there. Salad was crispy greens with roasted beets, local apples, red onion, candied pecans, and farmers’ cheese, served with Elmore bread.
The family-style dinner consisted of grilled sweet corn, garlicy smashed potatoes, roasted Brussels/delicata/onion, Hillside Farm roasted chicken with lemon and herbs, and cider-braised Pigasus pork loin.
And for dessert I served plum shortcake with VT-grown plums, buttermilk cake, Butterworks cream, almond praline, and honey red wine reduction.
While we have no desire to start having weddings here on the farm at this time, we can envision ourselves beginning to host and cater events like rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, etc.
Happy 50th Anniversary Dan and Mary. Thank you for the opportunity.
- Thomas

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