52 Dinners - Week 22: Tequila y Carnitas

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We take carnitas very seriously in this house.

Our friends Annie and Tobin came over last night for a taco party. I kept things simple by starting with chips, guac, and salsa.
We had spicy margaritas with jalapeño infused tequila, pureed fresh pineapple, and smoked sea salt. I’ve perfected my carnitas over the years and they’re a very common occurrence around here. I salt and sear my roasts, then toss them in the crockpot with a generous amount of salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne, oregano, chipotle, cinnamon, lime juice, sriracha, an orange cut in haf, diced onion, and garlic.
After eight or so hours on low, you’re good to go (and the house smells amazing). I shred the meat a bit and fry or broil it until crispy but still very juicy.
Served it up with all of our favorite accoutrements, including Sobremesav curtido. I took the jalapeños that I used for the tequila infusion and diced them up for topping tacos, so that’s fun.

Not pictured are homemade corn tortillas. If you haven’t made your own tortillas, you should definitely give them a whirl: 
Just masa harina, water, salt, and lard. They’re really easy, and are infinitely better than anything you’ll buy at the store. Flour tortillas can be rolled out with a rolling pin, but corn tortillas are best done with a tortilla press.
I always use this huge lazy Susan on taco night. It makes for a great presentation and is so practical, too. It is made from the lid of an old Kentucky bourbon barrel, and was gifted to us by Bailey’s brother and his wife for our wedding.

Dessert was Mexican chocolate pots de créme with cinnamon, cayenne, black pepper, unsweetened cream, and roasted cacao nibs.
I served it in these beautiful crystal tuliped sundae glasses that I inherited from my late grandmother Doris. I rarely use them because I only have the four and they’re so delicate. But there’s no point in having nice things if you don’t enjoy them.


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