52 Dinners - Week 21: Good Martinis, Great Friends

52 Dinners

A lovely, low-key time

Andy and Marina came over for a simple Sunday dinner this weekend.
We laughed a lot, overindulged in wine, and stayed up too late. It’s nice to have the kind of friends for whom you don’t feel the house needs to be perfectly clean, and you don’t even need to put on a clean shirt. Though, I did polish the stemware.

I didn’t serve an hors d'oeuvre. We had dressed greens (literally just lettuce and vinaigrette because I didn’t have a single nut, vegetable, fruit, cheese, or any other salad component in the house; it was fine), and a spatchcocked roasted chicken with potatoes and sauteed fiddleheads.

The food photos aren’t post-worthy because I was distracted by my Wildhart martini and had the camera on the wrong setting.

For dessert we enjoyed leftover dark chocolate pecan cookies from our Saturday farmers’ market, which I served atop one of my favorite Jeremy pedestals.

Bailey adorned the table with a wall of daffodils. I found these pink napkins in the bottom of my napkin drawer, which matched perfectly with the centers of those littlest daffs.

I used antique green metal napkin rings (for which I paid $.10 each at a thrift store) to make fanciful napkin bow ties (talk about “dressing up” a table!).

I asked Bailey, “Are these silly or wonderful?”

He replied “Yes.”

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