52 Dinners - Week 19: Say It With Me: Bibimbap

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Bibimbap is as fun to make as it is to say! We caught up with our friends Mike and Katie last night over Korean food, French wine, and a K-pop playlist.
Mike owns Blank Page located at Bread & Butter Farm. He’s energetic and sincere, and a delight to be around.
Katie is working on her PhD in plant and soil science at UVM. She’s very smart and kind, and has quite a way with words. It had been two years since we’d last had them to dinner, so this was long overdue.
We started with pajeon, or Korean scallion pancakes. I read somewhere that the trick to achieving the perfect texture is to make them with seltzer instead of flat water. Turned out beautifully. Everything's better with some bubbles.
I was able to prep all of the bibimbap elements ahead of time, so it didn’t take long to finish and assemble when the time came to serve.
We don’t have any stone bowls, but I recreated the hot and crispy rice experience of dolsot bibimbap by frying my cooked rice in sesame oil in a cast iron.
Some effervescent kimchi and sweet & spicy gochujang sealed the deal.
For dessert I made sujeonggwa, a beverage made by simmering fresh ginger and cinnamon sticks with a little sugar.
Traditionally served as a chilled punch, I froze it into a granita and garnished with some pine nuts and dried mango. The cinnamon stick gave it this beautiful grapefruit color, and we all agreed that it somehow tasted like Christmas and summer at the same time (aka: perfection).

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