52 Dinners - Week 11: Croquettes, Chips, Gratin...A Little Bit of Everything

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I subscribe to Plate Magazine and every year they send out a glossy calendar put together by the Idaho Potato Commission filled with potato-centric recipes.
A few weeks ago I thumbed through several years worth of these calendars and was inspired to host a potato party.
So I fired up the fryer, got out the mandolin, and called in some friends.

Marina has such a great energy. She is strong, smart, super fun, and very real.
Andy from Heartwood Farm is an organic veggie farmer a few miles down the road. He’s kind and silly and we love him a lot. Natalie from Natalie's Garden and Greenhouse is an artist and a high school art teacher, and she undoubtedly has the biggest personality and the biggest heart of anyone I know. And Ally is an accomplished ceramicist, an educator, and community activist. She’s a good time gal and it’s always fun to catch up.

I used our mid-century Franciscan ‘Merry-Go-Round’ china.
One of our favorites. The menu wasn’t exactly cohesive, but it all worked well nevertheless:
  • Salt & Pepper Potato Chips with herby garlic aioli
  • Cheesy Croquettes
  • Gratin Dauphinoise with bacon, arugula, honey, and grainy mustard
  • Spicy Sweet Potato Puree & Salmon with lemon, chimichurri, and capers
  • Warm Fingering & Ham Steak “Salad” with fennel, spinach, and orange vinaigrette
  • Purple Potato & Irish Cream Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Potato Donuts

As I was finishing up dishes last night I said to Bailey, “This project is important. We’re onto something here." I make dinner every night and we have friends over for un-photographed meals all the time, but doing many of them deliberately in this way has been nice, and very fulfilling.
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